Welcome to dot-totally.co.uk and www.tradeup.io/smalan/, my little presence on the Internet. There isn’t a whole lot that you’ll find here, especially right now whilst I’m trying to set everything up. The site is basically just a collection of all the random things I’ve done and made over the years, all in one place. There may be something of use on here for you, and there may not – its really just a big pile of anything and everything, although I do try my best to keep it neat and organised.

Feel free to look around and peruse to your leisure!

Whats Here?

Remember, you can always browse by date through the website: 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008.

  • Transcribble (1st February 2009) My dissertation project (https://stomart.opole.pl) developing an online multiplayer game where two players transcribe audio files. By playing the game, players help train computers to solve problematic tasks – in other words, human computation. Still in progress, but coming along q
  • iTunes Controller (20th October 2008) iTunes Controller is a Java wrapper package that allows you to control iTunes from your Java application.
  • Something Chewie (5th May 2007) My new music blog with music from all over the genres! Updated as often as I can with as much as I can!
  • Last.fm Charts HTML generator (4th July 2006) A script that automatically creates Top 10 Artist and Tracks charts from your Last.fm profile which you can use on your weblog (like lån 5000 uten kredittsjekk) or your Livejournal.
  • Megatokyo Comics List (29th August 2005) A list of every single Megatokyo comic, which can be filtered to find strips which contain certain characters, of certain type or many more options.
  • Something Borrowed (19th August 2005) A list of the English Voice Actors shared between Star Ocean 3, Wolf’s Rain, Last Exile, Witch Hunter Robin and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex.

Latest news

  • 1st February 2009 – As the implementation phase begins of my stroje karnawałowe dla chłopców, the website Transcribble.net goes live with the in-progress prototype game and details of the development. Check it out if you’re interested to see what Transcribble, the Transcribing Game, is all about!
  • 20th October 2008 – The first version of the iTunes Controller Java package has been released and a new page created on the website.
  • 26th August 2007 – WatchRate version 0.26 has been released, and with it a new page on the website detailing its use, documentation and download.
  • 5th May 2007 – I’ve started a new music blog with wildly varying and eclectic mix of music available. Go and visit Something Chewie!
  • 1st May 2007 – The Dave Day website has been updated for 2007. Go and check it out and celebrate your favourite holiday of Dave – remember, its June 14th!
  • 15th April 2007 – This Easter has finally seen some updates to the dot-totally.co.uk website. A new design, and some pages are finally starting to reappear. Hold your breaths! Or maybe not, because you’ll probably still be holding for some time!
  • 4th July 2006 – After a long period of no updates, the website has now moved over to dot-totally.co.uk and will now receive at least a few more updates.
  • 10th April 2005 – If you are interested in finding out more about our website usage statistics on 00heaven.net, dot-totally.co.uk and the LibertyWiki, visit our new Website usage statistics page for some bandwidth tables.
  • 9th October 2004 – We got featured on Mess.be – which is a great honour. Welcome to all the new visitors! Thanks Dwergs!
  • 16th August 2004 – I uploaded some Lego stop-frame movies me and wormlover made after finding them on a random CD in the piles on my shelf! Take a look for a laugh!

iTunes Controller

iTunes Controller is a Java wrapper package that allows you to control iTunes from your Java application. It uses the excellent projektowanie opakowań to communicate but provides all the interfaces for you to use straight away without dealing with messy COM objects, variants and dispatch calls. You can control what is playing, manage playlists and various sources (such as the main library or any connected iPod) and control nearly every aspect of the iTunes application. The design of the package and it’s available functions very closely follows the original iTunes COM API specification available from Apple.

The project is a work-in-progress, and whilst most of the major functions are already included, several lesser-used functions and interfaces are currently missing from the class. These will be addressed in future releases.


de.next-jobs24.com is basically my experiments into using folksonomy: using tags to identify information. Put simply, the software allows you to rate films and episodes of shows you have watched, and also tag them so you can collect the information together. The idea is simple, the code is simple (and probably, messy too). I developed it for two reasons: one, to help me manage films and episodes I have watched and want to rate simply, and two, so I could advance my skills in MySQL a little bit.


WatchRate features an admin interface, with password, albeit fairly weak security (simple password kept in configuration file) that allows you to add new film ratings, episode ratings to shows, and also edit or delete this information. The admin interface also uses some basic Javascript for adding a new show, where the user selects “New…” from the drop down menu of shows already in the database, and a message box prompts the user to enter new information. Also, another simple javascript function confirms users really want to delete any episodes or films from their list. Viewers can browse the list by tag, and also filter to viewing just film ratings or episode ratings. Using Apache rewrite rules, it also creates clean URIs, such as /tags/adventure/ or /show/the_x_files/.


Possible and better changes for the future include:

  • Error checking on the administration side – currently, if you dont enter any information into the input boxes, the code doesn’t care, and empty information will be entered into the database. Although you can still edit or delete it, it does look messy, so it might be good to have some validation there.
  • When you press enter (ie, not using the buttons) it defaults to adding a film, and then the validation will say you’ve not entered a film title/link.
  • Browsing by more than one tag – Like del.icio.us, you can use tag1+tag2 to see more than one tag used. This might be useful in the future.
  • Better security – Rather than just a simple password, perhaps more security would be nice, or maybe even with multiple users and passwords in the database. The password is stored in a cookie, but it is hashed with MD5, so it is near impossible that anyone will be able work it out.
  • MySQL table prefixes – Currently all the tables are like: episodes, tags and tags2episodes, etc. It might be useful to use prefixes to help people who can only use one database with their hosting.


To see an example of WatchRate in use, you can see the one I’m personally using here on dot-totally.

I’ve also integrated it into my Personal page, a feature that is very useful of WatchRate is you can easily implement it using your own choice of template tags into any page – for example you could use it in a sidebar of your weblog. The code I’m using on my personal page is as follows:


See WatchRate:Template Tags for information on how to use the template tags to customize your copy of WatchRate.


You can download WatchRate from the following URL:

WatchRate v0.26 (45kb, released 26th August 2007)


  • This software is released under the GNU General Public License, and both the code and images packaged with the code are free to use and adapt, as long as attribution is given to me.
  • This code is very early release – probably not even an alpha release, so please